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The abstract submission period is now open.
Submission Guidelines:

Download and read the submission guidelines carefully before submitting an abstract for SIGNS GHVS 2021

Submission Dates:

Submission opens – May 1,2021 at 1:00 GMT
Submission closes – July 30, 2021 at 1:00 GMT

Submission Fee:

Standard Submission Fee – 100 USD$

Submit Your Abstract:

Visit the SIGNS submission site or type the following URL directly into your browser: ————————————————————- 

Please note, abstract submitters same process will follow up for submission site each year. Submitter and/or author information is not transferred from year to year.

Acceptance Criteria:
  • Abstract submitted in English (font; times new roman; font size: 12; justify with 1.0-line spacing), including tables/charts and figure
  • Relevance and uniqueness of the study or presentation to the field of nutrition therapy and metabolic support
  • Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts that: address unique or emerging nutritional issues; contribute new information to the field; show strong applicability to or improvement of nutrition therapy practice or metabolic support
  • Clarity of the introduction, hypothesis, or purpose for the study or presentation
  • Quality of the research design and methodology
  • If relevant, the hypothesis is clearly stated
  • Methods are clear and appropriate
  • Sufficient sample size to validate conclusions
  • Investigators took measures to control for threats to validity and reliability
  • Validity and sufficiency of the data
  • Enough data or findings to form conclusions
  • If relevant, statistical analysis of the data is appropriate
  • Study was completed
  • Relevance of the conclusions to the data
  • Case studies and vignettes are exempt from the requirement for extensive data; however, must be unique, providing learning points or unusual clinical presentations
  • Abstract carefully reviewed for spelling, grammar and formatting
  • Abstract is free of promotional material, and it is not commercial in nature
  • Brand names for products or services are not mentioned in the title, but may be mentioned once in the methodology section
Review Process:

The SIGNS Abstract Review Committee conducts a rigorous peer review of all abstracts submitted. There will be no reconsideration of non-accepted abstracts. Abstracts that were submitted during the regular abstract submission period will be selected for poster presentations or oral presentations, and may additionally be selected for poster presentations at the Research Workshop. Abstracts submitted during the special abstract submission period will on be eligible for acceptance as poster presentations and will not be eligible for any awards. Abstract

Abstract Submission Fee: No submission abstract fee for the first SIGNS Symposium will be charged to investigators.

Abstract Awards:

Investigators who submit abstracts to the SIGNS GVHS during the regular submission period are eligible to apply for prestigious abstract awards. Please confirm your eligibility for YOUNG investigator award,

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