A permanent training platform has been formed to cover the Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition (EPN) courses because it has profound practice implications in clinical care. EPN event will be conducted monthly basis. Following topics will be covered in rest of the events during the year.
  • Community Nutrition
  • Enteral Nutrition
  • Parenteral Nutrition
  • Child and Maternal Nutrition
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Public health Nutrition
  • Nutrition Assessment and Anthropometry
  • Dietetics Professional Skills
  • Food Service and Dietetics Management
  • Media Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Dietetics
  • Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Food Technology
  • Food Safety and Quality management
  • Food Security
  • Leadership in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Code of ethics for the Nutrition and Dietetics Profession
  • Role of Nutrition in Metabolic Syndrome 
  • Food Allergies and Intolerances 
  • Diet through lifecycle (preconception, pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adulthood) 
  • Physiology of digestion and metabolism 
  • Macronutrients metabolism 
  • Nutrition therapy in different diseases 
  • Role of nutrition in Breastfeeding 
  • Type of diets in various ailments 
  • Malnutrition (under, over, micronutrients) 
  • Importance of balanced diet 
  • Phytochemical role in cancer prevention
  • Biomarkers in Breast cancer; dietary role in it
  • Iron and cognitive development in children 

Aziza Hashmi

Course Name: Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition
Course Director: Aziza Hashmi Chief Clinical Dietitian, King Abdulaziz Medical City Jeddah Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia
Co-Director: Dr.Bhuvaneshwari Shankar, Ph.D Clinical Nutrition (India) Senior Consultant Dietitian, Apollo hospitals, India.
Course Name: Proposal to Publication
Course Director: Dr. Atta ur Rehman Madni

Dr Atta ur Rehman Madni

Dr. Atta ur Rehman

Aziza Hashmi


Dr. Basit Baig

Ms. Kiran Khan

Nazir Alam Barki

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