Proposal to Publication Basic (L1) Research Course.


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Research Course “Proposal to Publication”

 (12 Study hours)

Level: (L1)-Basic

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this module, research trainees will upscale their research skills in following areas.

Research Question

  • Understand how to derive a good research question
  • Explain three key components to the research question.
  • Review specific characteristics of a good research question.
  • Name and describe the F.I.N.E.R. criteria
  • Describe several sources from which good research questions arise
  • Draft a one-sentence research question and 1/2 page describing the significance of their own research question.

Observational Studies

  • Define cohort studies
  • Distinguish between prospective and retrospective cohorts
  • Define cross-sectional studies
  • Explain why cross-sectional studies yield weaker evidence for causality than cohort studies
  • Define case-control studies and their benefits and problems

Randomized Clinical Blinded Trials

  • Define randomized blinded trials
  • Demonstrate how to choose the intervention and control conditions
  • How to define outcomes and adverse effects
  • Elaborate how to select participants
  • Describe how to measure baseline and outcome variables
  • Evaluate approaches to randomizing and blinding.


Date: 03-10-20      Time: 11am GMT

Topic: How to construct and Present a Research Question? 

Speaker: Dr.Atta ur Rehman Madni – Ph.D,

Research Certified, University of California San Francisco (UCSF) USA.


Date: 10-10-20          Time: 11am GMT

Topic: How to pick the right study designs and methods

Speaker: Dr.Atta ur Rehman Madni- Ph.D, Research Certified, UCSF USA.


Date: 17-10-20      Time: 11am GMT

Topic: How to write a research proposal for grant?

Speaker: Dr.Sherin Ismail,Pharm D,Associate Researcher with Harvard Medical school, USA.


Date: 24-10-20      Time: 11am GMT

Topic: Randomized Clinical Trials: Nuts and Bolts,

Speaker: Dr.Daren Heyland, ASPEN Researcher, Director CERU Kingston University CANADA

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