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    How to become a Member

    You should follow the steps mention below if face any query contact us we are all time available to assist you

    STEP 1:

    Fill up this form with all your details and submit it and make your membership payment which is $40/per year

    STEP 2:

    After submitting the form successfully you will receive an email with your membership promo code and all the instruction written on it, also you will receive the video demo how to use it all the instructions mention on it.

    STEP 3:

    After receiving the email head back to the official website and signup yourself/register yourself.  ( Remember write a correct spelling and your full name as at the end your same name which you used while signup will be printed on certificates ). you will be redirected to the dashboard or courses store. where you can now buy the courses both paid and free courses. you can also get the certificates directly from your dashboard.

    STEP 4:

    How you will get the discount on courses?

    Use the promo code you had received on email while purchasing the course, you will get your discount by applying the code on checkout.

    NOTE: Remember the promo code you had received on email that is only your property don’t share it with anyone else or you will loose your membership rights.

    STEP 5:

    After using the promo code and purchasing the course enjoy learning,  complete your courses, submit your quizes at the end and get you E-certificate.

    Contact us for any type of query (438) 799-4794