The SIGNS International newsletter serves as a vital communication tool, offering a concise overview of the organization’s multifaceted initiatives. It outlines the diverse array of accredited programs in the health and research sector, emphasizing the high standards and global collaboration with esteemed institutes. The newsletter underscores SIGNS’ commitment to continuous professional development through affordable, expert-led training. It highlights successful online events, such as the SIGNS International Symposium, attracting over 100 participants worldwide. Furthermore, the newsletter announces awards on Pakistan’s 76th Independence Year, recognizing the contributions of researchers, academicians, and nutrition practitioners. A final note expresses gratitude to SIGNS members and coordinators for their instrumental role in the success of these initiatives.

Dr. Tabinda Ashraf receiving shield from Chairman SIGNS Dr. Atta Ur Rehman khan.

Editor In Chief :
Dr. Atta ur Rehman Madni

Editors :
Tabinda Ashraf Shahid
Blessings TF Mushounga

Graphic Designer :

Student Editor :
Ammar Awan